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Hope for You


"Life is a rollercoaster!" was the line that once topped the UK singles chart and my word, how true is that sentiment!? If you've spent anything longer than just a few moments on this glorious green and blue globe we call home, you'll know that there are highs and lows, good times and bad times and reasons for both laughter and tears in abundance. In all of those seasons of life, I believe one thing never changes, and I'd like to share with you about that Hope. His name is Jesus.


Hope for You is written to be an encouragement for those who, like me, love Jesus but follow him imperfectly. It may even be written in such a way that those who don't follow him but want to know more about him can read and discover. I hope so.


Wherever you're from, and whatever your story, I hope you find a warm welcome here.  I don't want to over-promise anything, so here's my commitment to you: I promise never to take myself too seriously. Enjoy your time here.


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